Get 35+ sleek UI designs with source files, crafted for Adobe XD and Sketch compatibility. Excellent for learning UI design.


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  • +35 UI Designs
  • Source files
  • Adobe XD Files
  • Compatible with Sketch
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What's included

zoho logo redesign
travel website hero section
travel organizer web app components
travel organizer web app components 1
todo list blog list
storage ui components
sprint planning ui component
spotify squircle
spotify mac dock popover
spotify mac default ui
spotify mac dark theme
skills profile card ui
share image ui component progression
real estate cards wireframe
quote card carousel
pricing cards
quick navigation
navbar ui components
movie card carousel
handz banner
hackathon coworking app
gmail ui old
drag and drop cards
cookie popup
content editor ui component
content editor ui component 1
company structure ui component
coffee user journey card
class room dashboard
chart and cards ui components
card list items
booking accommodation web app
alert popup
blog post card list
adobe xd 3d transforms
5vegan call to action